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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cowley to Lincoln: Show us you’re hungry for success. The city replies.

When the Cowley brothers were prised away from Braintree their chairman ventured the opinion that Braintree to Lincoln wasn’t much of a step up. Last night appropriately enough as the pantomime season is about to begin, the Lincoln City supporters said “Oh yes it is!” The Cowleys knew that, with the best will in the world, fantastic season that they’d delivered the crowds at Braintree were always going to be numbered in the hundreds. The management brothers were never going to be content with that.

Now Lincoln City are attempting to forestall any early loss of their managers by offering new improved contracts to the pair, firstly and quite rightly to reward the huge progress made already and of course in an attempt to hang on to the mercurial schemers for as long as possible. Last night will go a long way to persuading the Cowleys that there is plenty of progress to be made, for them and for the Imps, right here in Lincoln as a 7000 crowd awaited them. For most in our team completely new horizons as Paul Farman emotionally pointed out on the radio and for many of the others used to those gates in the hundreds playing in front of a really big crowd for the first time in their lives, but it was what they came here hoping for.

I think it’s only fair to point out that Oldham Athletic, player for player, have some very decent talent. What they’re missing, on last nights evidence, is teamwork and good management practice. For example, after the half time break Oldham ran on and hung about on the pitch getting cold awaiting their opponents and the referee. I don’t think for a moment that happened by chance. City came on and went through their pre second half loosener. All this doesn’t occur by accident.

I’ve been following City for a long, long time. It’s been a slog and nights like Monday have been few and far between in fact, apart from the night when Scunthorpe United were beaten to take us to Cardiff I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite like it. This team, this club, these supporters now, are such an absolute pleasure to support and be with it’s hard for us long suffering fans to take in but it really is happening.

For the TV audience this game surely had everything and one can only hope City will feature more on the telly with the revenue that brings, even if it means games at inconvenient times. As to the match City surprised themselves, particularly after the start, when it really didn’t look our night, by racing into firstly a two goal lead and added a third straight after half time (see my earlier comments on preparation) surely the game was won.

Oh no it wasn’t, I really must get out of panto mode, back came Oldham, finally giving their fans something to warm them and producing a rip roaring finish that must have delighted BT Sport, if they could see it that is.

I, like you maybe found sleep difficult last night as the images of this fantastic team of ours flashed through my mind.

Sleeplessness of the most welcome kind.

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