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Friday, 9 December 2016

Trophy postponement gives us all a blank look-again.

For the second weekend running there will be no need to keep the phone charged up to keep in touch with the Lincoln City result. It’s a blank weekend due to the mysterious postponement of the Shaw Lane Trophy fixture.

I heard it suggested that this was a good thing after the all-out effort of the Oldham game but I’m not sure players and management will be of a like mind firstly as the players are young athletes on a roll who, one might imagine, can’t wait for each game to arrive. Secondly the management will want to maintain a settled pace to the fixtures.It was also a chance to chalk off another of Sean Raggetts ban in a relatively low key game.

It’s the only postponement to re arrange so it’s hardly a backlog. Presumably regarded as a relatively gentle trip over to Yorkshire and a bit of a run out (I bet that’s not the Cowley description) by most fans this will now end up a mid week game in Barnsley or elsewhere which is not exactly what the doctor ordered. Still the Trophy, unlike the FA Cup is a winnable aspiration so although it might seem a complication early on one would imagine it is very much on the radar for the club.

Jamie McCombe told the Echo City are now run along the lines of a Championship club in terms of match preparation etc and it’s not difficult to imagine the way things are going. They certainly played like one last Monday despite what the Oldham manager may say.

News also in the Echo that contract talks are starting which is encouraging and those talks will have an eye on possible league status next season which is a real boost to us long suffering fans and board members alike.

Of course the contract talks we would all like to see are those which I also understand are taking place with the manager and a successful conclusion to that would be the best Christmas present any of us could possibly receive this festive season.

Ps. I see since publishing this we have another fixture to rearrange.

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