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Friday, 13 January 2017

Back to the future.

Well what a week in Impdom and what a day yesterday. I didn’t in all honesty expect the Cowley brothers to extend their contracts but jolly glad they did.

As they say and as we know the Cowleys are ambitious and, contract or not they will be on their way at some time or other. The extended, bigger contracts will however give City more leverage in the event of a departure mid season.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say I don’t believe they will leave the club in such a way. I don’t think they want to have a reputation of jumping ship. They did it at Braintree but I don’t think they want to make a habit of it. A top level promotion on their CV or dare I say it more than one promotion and a reputation gained for leaving clubs in a far better position than when they arrived as they did at Concord Rangers will look very good to recruiting chairmen.

I’ve always said that with Lincoln City the Cowleys know there is plenty of scope for upward movement though the league(s) and this week will have certainly underlined the possibility there is for much increased attendances. I will say though that it’s all very well selling out for a cup replay (thanks very much by the way, I didn’t get a ticket) but those extra fans need to commit themselves to regular attendance and it’s high time City were the best supported side in the league rather than the third best. Supporters will also have to appreciate that if the Imps are to progress that support is needed through thick and thin. It’s easy to support a side that have had the sort of season City have. The pity is many of the missed out regulars, like me have followed the Imps through some pretty humdrum times and I’d say to whoever is sitting in my seat on Tuesday you’re welcome to it provided you become a regular fan.

A couple of things also occur. I understand the proviso to the Cowleys signing on the dotted line was the provision of better training facilities not their pay. Credit to them and I hope the club make good on their commitment without delay. City used to have state of the art facilities and had to let them go due to financial constraints. After all training is the players workplace and it’s so much easier to recruit players if they can feel the club is fit for purpose and their working conditions are going to be pleasant and meet the managers requirements.

The other thing I would like to see and this may not strike a chord with all of you but if we are going to progress the Imps will need a stadium that pays for the team rather than gates providing the clubs main income. The university has brought a heaven sent opportunity for commercial activity in the city with many seminars, courses and business opportunities all of which require purpose built facilities available for rent. A new stadium in a convenient out of centre location could tap into that market as well as providing a more engineered environment for our supporters new found volume. It will be a bold step but if it can be achieved could set the club on its way looking well beyond the present incumbents of the hot seat. City do need to bear that in mind and do their best to accelerate their plans in that regard.

On to the trophy and City will give opportunities for those on the periphery of the squad. I’ve not heard anyone disagree with the managers announcement on that which was fair of him given the distance to Gateshead.

I’m predicting plenty will make the trip though. Just remember. Supporting your football team is for life, not just the good times.

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