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Friday, 6 January 2017

Relax. We can’t lose!

I’m planning on a leisurely drive down to a very pleasant part of the country tomorrow whereupon I’ll park up, get something to eat, maybe a pint of excellent Suffolk ale and go and watch my favourites happy in the knowledge that win lose or draw I’ll have had a rewarding and fairly unique day.

As long as City don’t get overrun by Ipswich Town tomorrow, and I don’t think they will, the game presents an opportunity to see the Imps play in a completely unpressurised way. The match has no bearing on the league, which is the overwhelming priority and furthermore, provided there are no injuries will merely provide a diverting sideshow to the main thrust of the season. Ipswich Town should win, we know that, their fans will expect it.

Yet a little voice in my head says we have a chance here you know. I think our players think that. Our manager certainly thinks that and the bookies think that pronouncing City as the most likely to cause an upset. Like us, Ipswich have other priorities but I don’t think their manager dares to do what he has done previously and field a weakened side. His job may even depend on it.

Reading what Matt Rhead has to say in the Echo about the game, senior players are approaching this match in a very mature mindset. It’s an opportunity for them to show their mettle and for the younger players their potential and I believe they will try very hard to do just that.

Ipswich will go into this game fearful in my view. Their manager, Mick McCarthy has been very blasé about the match. I can’t believe that’s his true view, certainly I can’t believe his statement earlier in the week that he’d not given the game much thought. I know two people at least who will have lived and breathed this match ever since the Guiseley victory and you know who I’m talking about.

So many good things are happening for those of us of a red and white hue at the moment. So much so that, as long suffering Imps, we can’t quite believe it and are awaiting the inevitable disappointment. That will come but, as far as I’m concerned we can look forward to quite a bit more good before we must return to our hum drum football lives. These times have visited us but briefly as Imps so we certainly should be living for the moment and treasuring each day as it unfolds as I’m sure you are.

In the meantime, as far as tomorrow is concerned win lose or draw, we really can’t lose. Enjoy yourselves, it’s later than you think.

Or is it?

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