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Friday, 3 February 2017

That was the week that was.

It’s a bit like when people retire, they often say, how did I have time to go to work? So it seemed to me with City at the moment. You just wonder how they do it all.

We started off with that marvellous cup win seeing off Brighton and Hove Albion. I expected more from Chris Hughton in his after match comments, the pitch and the fact that his team are not used to playing sides like Lincoln were just two. Well, if you watched Huddersfield Town on the TV last night you’ll have seen another team who approached their game against Brighton in exactly the same way as City and they got exactly the same score too.

Now the dust has settled, just looking at the comments of defeated managers, starting with Oldham’s (now departed I see) the only manager to emerge from their brushes with the Imps with dignity intact seems to me to be the much maligned Mick McCarthy who at least had the grace to accept they’d been beaten by the better team. Maybe he thought he’d had that much grief what difference would a bit more make?

Given all the hype surrounding Theo Robinsons transfer, again, one wonders how on earth the manager kept his sanity seeing that it all kicked off on a match day and there has been much discussion about the move. Most fans wish Theo well, certainly I do. There has been considerable questioning of his motives which I’d also include myself in. Whether the move to Southend will prove advantageous to Theo I’m unsure. We’ll have to see where his career goes from here. Others questioned the managers desire to keep the player. We’ll not find much more about that but it’s obvious that league one sides pay more than non-league, even if they hope to be at a higher lever next season so it’d difficult to see that Danny Cowley had that much wriggle room there.

This week saw the regularisation, let’s call it that, of ticketing matters with the club effectively withdrawing the Bobs Bakers Dozen and six-pack tickets and introduced a new sort of one third season ticket. I think under the circumstances that’s a good move by the club. I wrote before that these multi ticket initiatives are fine with a half empty stadium but once capacity is within sight they cause problems as the club has to allow for all the ticket holders to turn up at once for the same match which isn’t necessarily going to happen. The new tickets are a smart move by the club, will generate more income and resolve the multi ticket conundrum.

Judging by the harassed look on the women in the office when I called in yesterday afternoon to pay for my Final StrEight ticket, having failed all morning to get through on the phone all this extra work is not entirely welcome but for the rest of us it’s another sign that, finally, City are very much heading in the right direction.

So there we are, no time to discuss the football but as it’s the FA Trophy this weekend, all the more reason to have your seat with a nice reserved sticker on it as assuming City manage to progress to the latter stages of that competition the queues will be forming round Sincil Bank again. That's not to mention the possibility that City may yet suprise the pundits and progress still further in the FA Cup. Presumably Final StrEight tickets will carry some sort of priority but even if City don’t make it that far getting sat where you want to be is going to get increasingly difficult, such is the interest the Imps are creating.

Long may it continue.

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