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Sunday, 14 May 2017

So now we know who will join us in the league next season.

They’ve advised us they won’t be hanging about in League Two for long either according to Forest Green Rovers new age chairman Dale Vince. We’ll see about that, they took their time about getting out of the National League given the enormous amounts of money expended in the process.

Not that I’m bitter you understand and unlike some commentators I’m not going to harp on about the fact that this is basically a one man show as who amongst us does not dream of winning the lottery and bunging a big wedge City’s way to speed up the progress already made?

I do feel for Tranmere consigned to another season at the less than glamorous bargain basement league but I’m sure they’ll get over it.

In the meantime I’ll enjoy those stories of fans queuing up to get season tickets for the Imps next season. I haven’t renewed mine yet but I will be doing in due course but this does prompt me to believe the final total of season tickets will be a record and could well be considerably more that the 3000 spoken about already.

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