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Friday, 19 May 2017

Here is the news. Not a lot happening.

To which you might say what about Terry Hawkridge and Lee Angol? I’d say in Hawkridges case read the Echo, I can’t put it more succinctly. City made Hawkridge an offer, so did Magpies. To the Imps Hawkridge is a fringe player, to Notts County he’s the next big hope. That tells you something about the relative states of the two clubs. I’ve got no inferiority complex about that. I’m sure if Danny Cowley wanted to match that offer and keep the player he would.

Lee Angol is more of a surprise. From everything I’ve read Cowley believed the player would sign but he didn’t, seduced away by our old friend the Caledonian clap trap merchant, Steve Evans. He must have used all his silky verbal skills to convince Angol that Mansfield Town is a better bet than Lincoln City 2017. Thinking about it, my view is that Lincoln City have ambitions to sweep straight through league two next season, Danny Cowley as good as said that at the annual shareholders meeting. If Angol is not good enough for league one Peterborough United then I’m not too fussed about losing him.

Having said that Angol does have potential and with that in mind, and I would say this wouldn’t I but surely the best place for him would have been under the watchful tutelage of the educators, the Cowleys. We’ll see whether he’s made the right decision.

One thing you can say about Evans is that he’s got an eye for potential and he’s probably unsurpassed in finding talent and selling on for a big profit so I expect Angol to either sink or swim and move on to greater things. My concern with Angol was with his commitment and ability to get past his man. That needed work. The question is will he put the work in?

For those expecting developments any time soon I think you may be disappointed with Danny Cowley saying players come very expensive at this time of year. The fact that Magpies and Stags have pushed the boat out and splashed the cash does not surprise me.

Just don’t expect me to put anything in the bucket collections if it all turns sour.

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