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Sunday, 14 May 2017

An evening with 13000 hysterical women. You can Take That how you like.

Take That at the SSE Hydro Glasgow.

Ok there were a few of us chaps there just to hold the handbags but we were definitely not the centre of attention at Glasgow last Thursday as the nations favourite song and dance trio continued their tour up in the second city of the Empire as it used to be known.

We no longer have an empire of course (Don’t tell Boris) and Take That are down to three but that didn’t stop them sending home the audience of mainly ladies of a certain age home in a state of considerable excitement as they wove their way through old hits, standards and new material in a very artistically constructed entertainment. One thing you do get with Take That is value for money as the performance is far from a selection of songs, it’s an actual show run almost along circus lines as a few songs are performed and then the trio disappear down below as the dancers, actors and others entertain the audience before it all starts again in a very slick routine.

I’m not enough of a fan to advise you of the particular favorites but for a live show you have to say there were no hiccups and the whole thing right down to the carefully choreographed encore proceeded entirely to plan from these seasoned entertainers.

The venue too works like clockwork right down to the endless stream of taxis arriving to ferry the overheated revellers back home from this Wonderland. Just threw that one in so you know I was paying attention.

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