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Monday, 4 June 2018

Bob Dorrian.

News has emerged that Bob Dorrian has stepped down as chairman of Lincoln City FC. It’s hardly a surprise as it’s been hinted at many times.

I’ve been critical in the past, mainly of Dorrian taking to the airwaves to impart gems of news that he always managed to make sound worse than they really we’re although to be fair he’s had to preside over some very turbulent times at Sincil Bank and impart more than a little bad news.

It’s ironic now that, under his tenure the club is in as healthy a position as I can remember and I’ve been a fan for an awful long time.

It’s been well documented that Bob has kept the club afloat with large amounts of his own money. It’s typical of the man that just when he could bask in the good fortune he has been largely responsible for he would choose to stand down and let someone else take the plaudits.

I’m sure you would like to join with me in wishing Bob Dorrian well and to thank him for his stewardship of our great club. Great that is because Bob Dorrian has simply refused to let the club go down and because of his business acumen now has the possibility of going on to possibly the most succesful period in its history.

Thank you Bob. Thank you for our club. It’s down to you we still have it.

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