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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Rampant City haven’t read the memo.

City continue to shock us in an entirely welcome way. Once again the Imps visited an impressive arena where a difficult afternoon was expected. Last season it was MK Dons, yesterday Rotherham United, normally an arid desert as far as points are concerned where the water bottle usually runs out for the Imps well before the final whistle.

The stage was set for the usual script. City, the league new boys “welcomed” to the New York Stadium, nearly full and a very tidy arena indeed, probably more along the lines that City would need than the MK one should they decide to move, for the expected extraction of three points, thank you very much.

For twenty minutes that scenario was a very much on the cards as Rotherham, a big team in every sense of the word set about their visitors. The Imps aren’t a particularly tall side this season. Would that bulk upskittle the away contingent? Not a bit of it. City weathered the early onslaught and set about Rotherham with gusto and by the time it finished I was reminded of one of those parties that go horribly wrong when someone advertises it on Facebook. Everyone piled in, emptied the bar, polished off the buffet, eyed up the lady of the house, and the eldest daughter and ran off into the night. The dirty rascals!

Cian Bolger continues to give his manager a headache with a second master class. Can he possibly be left out when Shackell returns? Much talk of the unfortunate Lee Frecklington this week. Where does he fit in when fit again? Once again Andrade and Akinde had to settle for the bench. Will they start a game any time soon? What about Tom Pett?

It was a new player that started the rot for Rotherham, Tyler Walker belting a cross over, practically on the line that had Rotherham at sixes and sevens, one nil and just before half time and then, early in the second, Harry Anderson with a pile driver header that no one was going to get a head or hand to. Text book stuff and a text book strangle hold to keep a firm grip of those precious three points.

We’ve a long season ahead of us. There may be more days like this. Most probably there will be days most definitely not like this but, as league starts go, not too shabby I think you’ll agree.

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