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Monday, 26 December 2011

Cowell left desperate as the public rage against the hits machine and buy the housewives instead.

Like most British women they scrub up well but in reality they’re just ordinary girls with decent voices, brilliantly led by a nerdy overgrown schoolboy who looks as if his Mum prepares him for public appearances but together they took on the might of Simon Cowell’s number one producing set up and won. The public preferred the Military Wives having had their fill of what seems like endless Saturday nights in front of the box which invariably produces a number one but not this time.

I have to confess I don’t watch X Factor, not willingly anyway but I did hear Little Mix on Graham Norton’s radio show and very nice they seemed but the music buying populace turned instead to a collection of pleasant but unspectacular singers with a song made up of the contents of letters sent to and from their husbands and partners.

Britain bought the single not because it was a brilliant piece of music although I thought it was extremely good and moving, especially as you could hear the words and they were from the heart. They bought the music because, whilst they did not necessarily back the conflicts our politicians got us in to they most certainly do back our troops, to the hilt. This is just a way of showing that, making a bit of money for a good cause and at the same time kicking a number one making outfit in the proverbials.

With these women behind them you can see why our armed services are one of the few institutions in this country that make it still possible to include the word great in Great Britain.

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