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Sunday, 25 December 2011

How silently how silently the wondrous gift is given!

Bit over the top perhaps but it is Christmas and I can’t help but think there something of a quiet revolution going on at Sincil Bank. David Holdsworth has a mind to public relations there’s no doubt about that but he goes about his business in an understated way, there’s none of the histrionics of Peter Jackson. He’s a southerner but there’s none of that barrow boy ‘ow’s yer father of Tilson and for that matter none of Keiths “they’ve ruined my weekend, I’ll ruin theirs” but the manager quietly goes about the business of transforming the little town of Lincoln, there I go again, into a footballing force that is at least on the map.

One thing I have noticed about Holdsworth and somehow this is evident in most of the good managers and that is a streak of eccentricity. Shankley, Clough, Mourinho, O’Neill and our own Colin Murphy, they all have that slightly bonkers aspect that seems to get them through the day. The world of the football manager is not the one the rest of us exist in although to read some of the comments made by some fans to articles in the newspapers and on the net you’d wonder if some people think they are but, rather like Liberal Democrats used to be when you have to put your theories into practice life is not always as simple as you think, as the bearded sandal wearers are finding out.

City have won just seven matches in the last twenty five but four of those have been in the last six weeks so perhaps Santa did come a little early, they sit at number eight in the home current form for the last eight games. Hardly earth shattering but a lot better than it was. Just to be on the safe side though I still put that note up the chimney and left out the mince pie and a wee dram on the hearth.

There’s the small matter of the turkey and any remaining present opening to come but once that’s out of the way two games I think we can now anticipate with a little more fervour, the double header against the Mariners. Thank you for continuing to log on to my blog and a Merry Christmas to Imps and football fans everywhere, even fishy ones - until Boxing Day.

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