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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A case of deja vu

For quite some time, having not watched the Imps for a week or two, I sat at Sincil Bank last night wondering if I was seeing a changed team. The tempo was brisk, passing good and City were more than matching a team considerably higher up the table.

Listening to David Holdsworths remarks on the radio after the game I don’t know about battering Cambridge, that was overdoing it but things were going ok. Then Joe Anyon started that, I’m as good as an outfield player malarkey instead of booting the ball out, next thing he’s picking the ball out of the net as the defence, in a rare lapse it has to be said, allowed the Peter Crouch like Harry Pell to weave through them and deliver a cross for Tom Shaw to net. Plus ca change.

The game wore on, City got less and less effective. The much vaunted Danny Lloyd’s introduction amid a flurry of subs could not raise City’s game and it petered out to a narrow loss. We’ve seen a lot of them so not much new there. More possession, more shots for City could have produced a different result. The team certainly would have been worthy recipients of a point but that’s how it is when you’re struggling. Games against Stockport and Darlo to come in quick succession, winnable games both. A decent return from those games and things might look a bit more rosy. Defeat might be a return to squeaky bums. Do hope not.

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