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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

That was the week that was.

I’ll have to go on holiday more often if this is the result, three games, three wins puts a whole new perspective on the Imps fortunes but, such has been the poor run previously that City are far from out of the woods, especially after last seasons experience where the team went on a similarly good run only to implode at the death.

Fans who had written off manager David Holdsworth as a dead man walking are also having to revise their opinion of the great communicator. Is this now the real deal or can we look forward to some more ineffectual tinkering once funds allow? It has been commented upon that, now City are fielding a more settled side success is following. Can the manager curb his meddling nature?

On the subject of the manager fans seem to be more willing to give the benefit of the considerable doubts they had, myself included and the view seems to be, let’s look at the situation at the end of the season. If this form continues then possibly a reasonable contract should be discussed. Any return to the abject failure of the previous few weeks then definitely not.

All this does rather detract from the good work Holdsworth has done, the trimming of the wages bill and the communication with the fans has been both needed and carried out well so it’s not all criticism but the future has to be the form at the moment and not previously. A club of Lincoln City’s stature should be performing the way we have of late at this level and fans satisfaction and the gates for home games have dropped well below where they should be.

This brings us to tonight’s home game against Cambridge. City have done well against teams bumping along the bottom in the last week. Now is a chance to see how they do against a team doing rather better. Not so much better than the Imps though and they certainly need not fear anyone after the run they have been on.

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