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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hodgson OUT!

Of the hotseat at the Albion (after the season has ended) and into a much hotter one, the England managers. Already the hacks at the tabloids have unearthed some salacious facts. Old Roy played in South Africa during the apartheid years. As if footballers have any regard for or influence over political regimes. Get used to it Roy. He plays a straight bat:-

“I think it’s unfair to bring that up, I didn’t think about the political situation”

Apparently Harry Redknapp has sent a good luck message. Hopefully he omitted to say what he thought, you’ll need it!

Amongst Lincoln City supporters, at least those I follow on my twitter account the mood seems to be of acceptance of the new manager and positive sentiments. It’s too much to hope the English press will follow Imps fans in giving the manager a fair crack of the whip judging by the early quotes coming out of the press conference. T’was ever thus.

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