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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A time for renewal.

Yes it’s that time of year again, when Lincoln City announce season ticket prices. They remain the same although there are more goodies.

Season ticket holders are this years blue eyed boys, Bob Dorrian wrote to them earlier in the week and they come in for special praise again, loyal and dedicated, not to mention more money than sense. Only kidding.

Prices remain the same but the early renewal price is less, £279, concessions £179, Juniors, £55. The full price is £355 (Coop/Echo Stand). Most fans will be aware free Stagecoach travel to and from games is included and, this year if you introduce a friend you get a cash back of £20 for a full ticket £10 for a new junior.

I’m being slightly tongue in cheek but, clearly it’s not possible to reduce prices, City football watchers have shown that the sort of initiative where prices are reduced in the hope that gates will rise often end in failure.

Clearly after the season we’ve had those that do buy a season ticket do so more in hope than expectation although, if you go week in week out, particularly if you travel by bus then a season ticket does offer very good value for money against paying each home game and as the club point out it’s a life saver for them over the summer.

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