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Friday, 15 June 2012

Imps balance sheet gives a mixed message.

It’s generally a slow time in Impdom, certainly as far as readership of this blog goes but there again if there’s no news…….

Last weeks boardroom blog #3 (the clubs terminology, not mine – is it a sort of twitter-esque affectation or is an American doing the typing?) dealt with some information that was too old to be described as news, David Holdsworths continuance in the hotseat but reading a little further on produced something that made me sit up and take notice. David Holdsworth kept the club up, strong discipline, professionalism, yes, yes, nothing about winning there, good communication, granted that, the board were delighted to confirm the appointment. Someone’s happy then, good. Now (for me) the bombshell. City made a profit of £58500 for the 10 months ending 30 April 2012. Profit?? You could have knocked me down with a feather!

The profit was before depreciation and redundancy costs, so don’t bother asking David but even so where did that come from? The profit situation is not expected to last the summer, not surprisingly but, here’s another shock. Debt to trade creditors are at their lowest level in the past five years. Now again, that’s good. At least local traders will be happy to extend credit to the Imps where they are reasonably sure of being paid although there are fans who will argue for every cent going into the playing budget and to hell with everyone else but, in the present climate where clubs actions are going to be under the microscope it’s hard to argue against the present situation even if we are not going to be watching silky skills for the foreseeable future, not from Imps anyway.

The T & R Executive Lounge is to be refurbished, the dressing rooms, particularly the home one is to be revamped, well we wouldn’t want the opposition to get too comfy would we? Remember those tales of John Beck’s shenanigans? Bigger gym. Didn’t know we had one, shows how long it’s been since I went to an open day. A Sports Psychologist will work with the team next season (can he spare any time for us fans?) and, da da da da! Season Tickets are ahead of the figure for the same stage last year and if this level of sales continues season tickets income will exceed the budget forecast. My gast has never been so flabbered.

Apart from the official site may I recommend Roger Bates’ question and answer session now being carried on, an organ I haven’t written for in a good while, a riveting read.

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