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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

In a scene reminiscent of 1976 when Dennis Howell was made minister for drought only to end up being minister for floods, the moment a hosepipe ban was announced it started raining and has hardly stopped since. Last week, as reported here Anglian Water said they would not be dropping the ban, unlike many neighbouring authorities. This week, you guessed it, they have dropped the ban. Hopefully cue some dry sunny weather again.

Fears that the European Championship football might spark some mis placed nationalism in the multicultural melting pot that is Boston have proved groundless so far. Police had taken the threat of trouble seriously after the problems in the town during the last championship but so far those flash points have only been in evidence abroad, despite the presence of many Poles and Ukrainians in Boston. Lincolnshire Police expressed the hope that it stays that way and everyone can enjoy the spectacle, whatever their allegiances.

Staying in Boston and a very sad tale to report with the news that a fountain in the towns Central Park which had been described as a lasting tribute to the Queen lasted a mere two days before being repeatedly vandalised. The fountain has had to be dismantled and removed. Of all people two girls were seen to be standing on the feature, rocking it. A saddened Coun. Yvonne Gunter told the Boston Standard that the fountain was erected, at a cost of £1000, for everyone to enjoy and as a reminder of the Jubilee. It is the latest in a series of mindless acts of vandalism in the park.

A policeman who fought in vain to save the life of a stricken motorcyclist has been given a top honour by the Royal Humane Society. Patryk Wojtczac crashed his motorcycle into the rear of a stationary van causing horrific injuries. PC Ryan Murphy was one of the first on the scene and administered cardiac pulmonary resuscitation but was unable to save the life of the victim.

With the city gearing up for the arrival of the Olympic torch it has been announced that the Red Arrows will be performing a spectacular fly past to mark the occasion. Furthermore, the Reds have confirmed that the Lincoln event will be the only one of its kind to have a fly past by the world renowned acrobatic team. Squadron Leader Jim Turner, Officer Commanding and Red 1, said:-

“The Red Arrows are honoured to have been invited to take part in the London 2012 Olympic Games celebrations and to represent the Royal Air Force within our home county at the Lincoln Olympic Torch Relay Evening Celebration. My whole squadron, pilots and ground support staff alike, share the pride and privilege of being part of such an auspicious occasion.” Council leader councillor Ric Metcalfe, said:-

“It is a huge honour for us that the Red Arrows have agreed to play a part in this once in a lifetime event.

“The fly-past will help bring our evening celebration to a dramatic conclusion as the torch cauldron is lit. We have always had very strong links with the team and I’m looking forward to them being welcomed home by 10,000 people, not to mention those people lining the route.” The event is fast becoming the must see local Olympic extravaganza but if you want to go, you’re too late as the tickets went within days of becoming available.

Stamford has welcomed the Queen and in doing so trumped the rest of the county in the jubilee visiting stakes. The town is the only one in Lincolnshire to host the monarch as part of her tour of the country. Sadly after his recent bout of illness the Duke of Edinburgh was not on hand to add his usual irreverent take on the proceedings. Lincoln, or rather Lincoln Cathedral did get in on the act though when a carved crown, which will eventually have pride of place on the south west turret at the minster, was presented to the Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee during a picnic at Burghley House. The solid stone, gold painted crown now returns to Lincoln to be fitted into place high on the west front where it will no doubt attract lots of interest, hopefully not from the pigeons.

Cooee, it’s time to go now. Have a good weekend wherever you are roosting.

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