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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Is that the sound of a tumbril? – Or an open top bus.

It’s all getting a bit repetitive but surely Lincoln City can register a second home win to get their season off to some kind of a start? We said that of course last Saturday and thinking about it dispassionately City almost did but for a missed chance and a poor decision from a player who will remain nameless but we all know who he is, shooting (after a fashion) when a gilt edged pass was there for the taking. Surely a second goal would have finished off Ebbsfleet? As it was the Fleet went on to score and in all honesty few could deny them a share of the spoils. We’re not here however to be fair to the opposition, winning is the name of the game, an outcome we fans have not been too familiar with lately.

Alfreton scraped home to remain in the division last season and are continuing in similar vein, as are our heroes but surely tonight’s the night? Injury woes continue to beset the Imps though and Miller, Duffy and Smith are doubtful, I can’t find anything on at the moment to settle that question one way or another. Just looking around the net it’s fair to say that a win should dissipate smouldering thoughts of revolution but a loss, a draw even will herald the sound of blades being honed in readiness for another round of blood letting, figuratively speaking.

As any writer will do, I’ve just been back through this article to check the punctuation. There are an awful lot of question marks which certainly reflects Lincoln City’s season so far.

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