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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Adding insult to injury.

It’s tempting to say same old story, fragile City once again throw away a lead and end up getting booed off having capitulated to a side that they ought to have wiped the floor with. Whatever the new players think they’ve let themselves in for goodness only knows.

I got talking to a scout before the game and no I didn’t ask who he was looking at, he was from Shrewsbury. After he’d finished going on about how long it took to get to Lincoln, Shrewsbury? He’s a one to talk, not exactly the centre of the universe is it? He asked me how things were here. Well it’s difficult to sell the club isn’t it? All you can say is it’s a very unhappy ship at the moment. The scout commented on how big the stadium is, seemingly oblivious to our recent history, play offs etc, some scout but I had to recall that a few short seasons ago a goodly proportion of those seats were regularly taken every game. Not last night, as expected another desperate gate as the fans voted with their feet again but for some time it looked as if the ones there were the ones in the know as City tore into a robust Alfreton Town.

It’s easy to dismiss the manager’s talk of injury as excuses but there are more than a few at the moment. Alan Power was first off, well, not being unkind but if anything that did us a favour, certainly no harm but there was worse, much worse to follow as Andrew Boyce, again a rock in defence was well and truly felled making a last ditch tackle. The stretcher was called but declined but he might as well have got on it as he could barely manage a limp as he went off, arm round a girl on each side, scant consolation.

Scant consolation for City too as the shape went as did much of the purpose, an equaliser then a winner for Town. An outraged David Holdsworth stormed up to the referee at the end, little good that was going to do. Alfreton were, lets put it like this, uncompromising but City are going to have to deal with much more of this if they are to survive in this league let alone prosper.

Whether City survive at all may have nothing to do with football. I’ll rephrase that, whatever the activities of the management and team, although that is woefully inadequate at the moment City’s immediate future depends on how long the club can continue making the thumping losses they are. Sorry to say this because I have every sympathy with the board of directors for the situation they find themselves in. None of the board can have anticipated the horrors they were going to have to deal with when they agreed to take on the role but these problems came from somewhere and it’s not from the fans. Not this time.

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