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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The things that dreams are made of.

Don’t know about you but it seemed that the day would never come that, once again a fan could check on Lincoln City’s results or attend a match with any kind of confidence of success. The club and even the manager seemed to be on a course of acceptance that the Imps would never again operate at the level they once did what with talk of ever reducing budgets and even part time football.

Mind you, part time football might yet be on the cards if City’s fans do not come to the realisation soon that things have changed at Sincil Bank. It’s been said many times and I’ve said it myself in this blog that fans are a lot easier to lose than gain and whilst this current run and much improved performances are a very welcome diversion it’s not a promotion bid and even in November the opportunity for that has probably passed once again for another season. Perhaps now is the time for another initiative to get the Bank rocking again and if the spectacle is as good as it has been lately, surely people will realise it’s a lot better than shopping.

Promotion of course is not on offer tonight and, when the FA Cup tie v Walsall was announced Imps fans didn't give  the club much of a chance of going further in the competition. All that has changed and whilst few would disagree that City are still underdogs, the fortunes of the two clubs has altered dramatically since the 1.1 draw at Lincoln. Not many would disagree, and I suspect this may be true of Walsall fans also, that City deserved to go through on the evidence of the first attempt with a late goal bringing Imps fans back to reality and Saddlers back into the tie.

Late goals are something of a speciality of City’s mores the pity and the cruise to victory last Saturday was steered dangerously towards the rocks once again as the team reminded their fans of their continuing frailty. City will have to be anything but frail if they are to get past the wounded beast that is Walsall tonight and the Saddlers will want to use this match to show their fans that there is life in them and of course the manager is fighting for his job.

Nevertheless, City can go into this game knowing that there is every possibility of success what with the defence performing decently and several players demonstrating what the manager saw in them when he signed them and of course, the jewel in the crown, a goal scorer. Yes, it’s been a long time since things felt this good.

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