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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A relaxing evening.

If you’ve managed to keep going down to Sincil Bank regularly I wonder if, like me you thought you detected signs of better times ahead over the last few weeks, the cup performance, that win at Wrexham, even the defeat to Luton showed signs that the management team was starting to get their ideas across and that the side were starting to respond.

Eagle eyed readers will have spotted that reference to management team but I’m not going to get involved in the talk that is doing the rounds of the improvement all being down to Grant Brown. I think we have to give credit where it’s due to David Holdsworth and acknowledge the job he has done in very difficult circumstances. Having said that, the improvement has taken place over the last few weeks and this has coincided with the arrival of Grant in the dugout. He has been successful with his charges and he no doubt has an influence on match days and there has been an improvement so let’s give thanks for small mercies, we’ve all earned it.

I say we all, there was another poor attendance last night, champions league on TV and a full league program so the fact that things are better at Sincil Bank is not yet getting through to those who have given up. It needs to if the club are to survive and the players and management deserve better support now. It’s not a one way street. Fans that stopped going will see a rejuvenated side and some players who will, in my view do well in football.

Firstly Jamie Taylor, who I erroneously described as a Holdsworth prodigy. It was pointed out last night on Radio Lincolnshire that he was signed by the much maligned Steve Tilson but I do think his (Taylors) renaissance has taken place under Holdsworth’s watch so I maintain we have him to thank. Andrew Boyce, I really like this defender ditto Peter Gilbert and he has given us much needed stability on the left. He’s on an even shorter contract than most but I’d like to see more of him and of course Paul Farman. Maybe I’m going to ruffle a few feathers here but I think he’s the best keeper we’ve had in a long while.

As to the game, some very welcome and rare luck came our way early on when Sheridan had a shot which hit the back of a defender and looped outrageously into the net then City huffed and puffed a bit without looking too threatened and then, after the break two goals in quick succession gave way to a rare occurrence lately, a nice relaxed second half where we could all sit back and enjoy the game, followed by. Wait for it. Applauding the team off at the end. Happy Days.

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