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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

City a dead cert? Don’t bet on it.

Me and my big mouth! Win at a canter? The old nag looked about ready for the knackers yard, well a good rest at any rate. As Su Whittaker on Radio Lincolnshire’s sports report said this morning the team looked tired. The usually ultra reliable Peter Gilbert had a mare, if you’ll forgive the pun, Garners performance highlighted what a good player the absent Miller is. Add to that the fact that Farman was definitely having an off day and quite what the watching sponsors made of picking a man of the match is anyone’s guess. In the end they went for Jake Sheridan which I’m not going to argue with but least bad man of the match might have been a better description.

Jamie Taylor certainly looked in need of a rest and he’ll get one now, having gone in the book, that’s a fifth card and a one match ban for a misdemeanour so stupid, kicking the ball into the net ages after the whistle had gone, that you have to wonder if it was engineered to have him fresh and free of sanction in time for the cup replay. That was the way it looked to me although said it was for kicking the ball out of the keepers hands which is almost as daft.

It’s tempting to call it the curse of the manager of the month but of course all good runs come to an end some time, usually unexpectedly and I suppose Woking being the wounded beast they were having shipped a hatful of goals previously City should have been ready for a backlash as I’m sure they were. Decent teams manage to bounce back rapidly from such setbacks and we must hope that is the case with the Imps.

The pity is, and this is far from a rarity, that there was a considerably better attendance in Sincil Bank last night, partly as a result of the improved form and certainly taking advantage of the generous offer of £5 entry and the board of directors must this morning be ruefully contemplating the fact that all of those extra punters were merely transported back to the sort of performance that caused them to stop going in the first place. I can only urge them to give the players another chance and assure them that those of us that have kept going have not been suffering the sort of display we saw last night. Far from it.

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