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Friday, 7 December 2012

Vital elements that City must address.

When you sit at your keyboard analysing a City performance, particularly when the team has lost a game you don’t know whether your take on the game is in accordance with ones fellow fans. In many ways that doesn’t matter, people log on to a blog to find out what the writer of that blog thinks, so provided the hits figures are good, end of story.

Of course no blogger should sit down to write what he or she thinks readers think, that would be pointless but it’s interesting, nevertheless to read others take on the game so it was an education to log on to who usually run a “your views” feature after matches.

What fans thought was, pretty much my take on matters as I hope I got across in my own article on the Woking fiasco. Tinkering around with the side, whilst understandable, necessary even, has not worked for us, we are out of the FA Trophy which I appreciate I have rather banged on about but I really did think it would be worth going for but always accepting the FA Cup is far more significant if only for financial reasons. When the team is changed and other squad players brought in it has merely served to underline that strength in depth is not our er strength.

Several players, who I thought were consistent performers this season had what I can only hope is an off day. Gilbert in particular who I think has been a rock for us. Several contributors on Vitals agreed with me, one even expressing the wish that Nutter had been on the bench. Ouch!

Another disappointment on the night, Morgan. I had been looking forward to seeing him again, failed to shine and a player I did not highlight, skipper Mills does not seem to be setting your worlds alight. Farman didn’t get a mention, I thought he was poor; Taylor even came in for his share of dismay. Hopefully it’s a one off. One thing’s for sure, play like that against Stags and there will be no need to book a morning off work to queue up for tickets to see Liverpool.

It’s not Liverpool or indeed Mansfield next but, just going back to last Saturdays game and the commemoration of Bert Linnecor’s passing did serve to underline to me how far City have travelled in the wrong direction since Bert’s days. He was most fondly remembered for a hat trick scored against Liverpool. In the league. Tomorrow it’s Dartford. I rest my case.

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