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Friday, 25 January 2013

Way ahead is clear.

Of snow that is, showing the pitch free of the white stuff thanks largely to a dedicated band of supporters and the covers are on, apart from a section towards the tricky South Park end which curiously remains without it’s protective sheet. Oh well, the grounds man knows best.

Whether the enforced break will have done any good to the injury list time will tell. If it goes ahead, City face mighty (oh dear) Forest Green Rovers and before the deluge were reeling from more than a few fitness issues. We have to get the game on first and with further heavy snow forecast for tonight tomorrows clash is far from certain. At least on a Saturday morning most fans won’t have to go to work so presumably City will be able to muster rather more volunteers than are available mid week. It will all depend on that troublesome area in front of the stand, one suspects. If that is frost free, the call to arms (not to mention shovels) will no doubt go out.

Hopefully, if it does go ahead Messrs Garner, Gilbert and Fofana may be available for selection, Fofana in particular being singled out as being missed by the Vitals website which is no doubt true but personally I think Gilbert’s absence has weakened the defensive offer and he has the one thing that the other stoppers don’t have, experience. Andrew Boyce has been mentioned in dispatches for all the wrong reasons lately and although I feel this player will have a good future in the game, lack of nous sometimes has been his let down and an old head to call on, not too far away on the pitch will surely help. Besides, I like to watch Gilbert play which is as good a reason as any for a supporter. He reminds me a bit of Stuart Pearce and that is as complementary an endorsement as I can think of.

So, mighty Forest Green, that does rather stick in the craw, I never thought I’d have to describe such a team in that way in connection with a game against the Imps but they’re having a great season and will be looking to complete a double. If City operate in defence as they did before the mid season break there’s not much doubt that they will achieve it but we live in hope.

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