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Friday, 22 February 2013

Now we know.

Another funny old week in Impdom, well funny’s not the word where a man’s livelihood is at stake but let’s say a very rare occurrence. We found out exactly what happened behind the scenes at Sincil Bank.

Following on from the mid week press conference we are now all aware that David Holdsworth was sacked effectively but it was decided to call it mutual consent. Just how much consent was in evidence is a moot point but Leigh Curtis’ column in yesterday's Echo seemed to indicate that the great communicator had probably run out of steam. We learned that the board had first discussed the managers position after the Stockport game, as well they might, and this ties in with the previous assertion that the board were satisfied with the situation (as opposed to the fans who seem to have decided some time ago that Holsdworth was not the man to lead us back to civilisation)

It was also revealed that Holdsworth was given another game, Hereford, to reverse the alarming tailspin the club had gone into but that game went the way of the others, null points. The coup de grace was delivered by telephone on Sunday. It was probably a relief although, like others, whether Holdsworth will find his way back into football management after his experience at Lincoln is debatable.

Talking of Leigh Curtis’ musings in the Echo, his lunchtime kick off feature was a real insight for me. As he alludes, among all the managers who have tried and failed, since Keith, there are two constants, ourselves the fans and the board. The managers have come and gone. Success has eluded them, so we look at the other factors to deduce why we are so spectacularly bad. Now we have on occasions had the finger pointed at us for lack of support, a charge I would vehemently deny, that was just a smokescreen. So who are we left with? Just a thought.

So to business, Barrow are the visitors this weekend followed by an equally tough fixture against Mansfield, who we are getting to know well this season. I’m going to quote verbatim from dutch1585 writing in this weeks Vital Lincoln, because I couldn’t have put it any better myself :-

“The pressure is really on this Imps squad who could easily be accused of letting Holdsworth down massively since the turn of the year and they should be feeling very guilty that he has been sacked. The individual and stupid errors have cost the managers job."

Exactly, but life goes on and I shall close by wishing Messrs Brown and Moyses all the best in their quest to bring stability back to the team.

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