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Monday, 5 January 2015

Moyses outfoxes the Mad Dog.

He’s certainly good entertainment, Martin Allen, prancing around the technical area and beyond it for that matter. Gesticulating a yellow card was poor form though and he might as well mimed loading a shotgun because, after the break he shot himself in the foot by making all his substitutions at once only to find Elliott Johnson unable to continue so Barnet played much of the second half with ten men. We didn’t see much of Allen the comedian after that.

Now, hands up, who felt we had been sold a pig in a poke when Chris Moyses was appointed manager? I was one of them. Who bought into Bob Dorrians vision when he declared Messrs Moyses Brown and Preece might be “a real surprise package”? Me neither. Who is starting to think Bob was right? Well I have to admit as managerial debuts go you have to say Moyses has got off to a flyer. It’s quite late in the season to mount a challenge on the playoff spots and there’s no doubt about it City are going to have to win nearly all of their games if they’re going to make it. On the other hand they are winning nearly all their games and if you’re going to succeed in the playoffs you have to be in top form, which City are at the moment. Unlike when they achieved playoff places before.

Schoey was in the dugout for Sunday’s game, very nice to see and he’s an Imp through and through. He’s also the instigator of some of the best football we’d seen in a long time when he was manager although he couldn’t keep it up and paid the price eventually. For a lot of us fans he lost his job when the club failed to invest when the team was on the up. Speculation abounds now as to whether a couple more bodies in the squad might be beneficial now things are looking hopeful. The crowd is creeping up to the magical 3000 mark and presumably the board will be relaxed about investing if the result is a fuller Sincil Bank.

As to the game, for me Barnet showed why they are where they are at the start and after ten minutes I’d have happily settled for a draw. City however imposed themselves on the game, got a goal which I felt was slightly against the run of play and after that they never looked back, particularly after Mr Allen’s intervention. Alan Power’s effort was the pick of the crop capping a fine and deserved man of the match winning performance. When he’d good he’s very good and you could see a future well above his present status when he plays like that.

Two of my favourite players, Newton and Tomlinson seem not quite their usual selves at the moment, certainly compared to last season but that’s being ultra picky. I’d sooner have those two in my side even if they are a little bit off the pace, than not. They’re still my favourites.

All in all it feels good to be an Imp again, the footballs as good as, well Schoeys time and he’s back. We’re winning, particularly at home, crowds are getting better and it’s starting to get unthinkable to miss a match for which we should be grateful to the management and of course Mr Dorrian. There, I’ve said it.

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