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Monday, 2 March 2015

No excuses for woeful City.

There was plenty to discuss on Saturday as the Imps, formerly so solid and entertaining at Sincil Bank, imploded once again at home so instead of the team matching the home performances away to put in a determined bid for the playoffs they have conspired to replicate their insipid away displays at the Bank and now are all but out of the play off race. Indeed, on Saturdays display it’s hard to see where a goal is going to come from let alone a win.

There was much talk of Woking’s first goal being well offside and a string of poor decisions from the officials not least in the referees handling of the spat beween Paul Farman and Woking player Payne where Payne perhaps should have gone off, probably Farman too for that matter. Needless to say the reprieved Payne scored a wonder free kick to compound our grief. Matters were balanced up in a wholly unacceptable way when Woking had a goal chalked off for offside despite City having a player on the line. It was that sort of a game.

Referees however do not win or lose matches whatever we the fans may think and, poor though they were the architects of City’s downfall were of course themselves and not the officials. Quite what has happened to the team lately is anyone’s guess. They have lost Newton and Miller was out on Saturday so that line of attack has been denied and replaced with no line of attack at all. Tomlinson and Sam-Yorke were on the bench and didn’t come on till later. I’m going to reserve judgement on Cranston, he did improve later on but my initial impression, untutored as it is, was to wonder how this player has found himself on the books of a League One club.

The journey home was in the company of the usual experts on BBC Radio Lincolnshire one of whom was calling for a “proper” manager to be appointed. This caller was obviously choosing to ignore the evidence of the last umpteen years when we have had a proper manager with a familiar lack of success. Manager Moyses did have the guts to come out and face the media but he could shed no light on City’s slump other than to wonder whether some players desire to succeed for City matched that of himself. Expect substantial changes come the summer.

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