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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Last Tango in Birmingham.

Dance till Dawn, New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.

It’s tempting to describe this show as another vehicle for the talents of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace of Strictly fame but the reality is, this would be a terrific show without them. With them it was a triumph.

Yes, missing a City home game I know but it was off to Brum for a weekend away and an evenings entertainment. Birmingham is, how can I put this politely? Not a lovely city but it’s big, very big and there’s lots going on and it’s a lot cheaper than London and only an hour and a half away by car.

The New Alexandra Theatre is large, at least as large as the West End Theatres if not larger and it was full to capacity for this the last show at the venue so there was a lively atmosphere as we took our seats. There was a very excited audience awaiting the performers and they were not disappointed, it was electric. If you’re not a fan of Strictly it’s not a problem as this production is nothing like it.
Anyone wondering, like me, how they were going to fit in ballroom and Latin dancing into what is basically a musical would soon be enlightened as the show set off at a gallop and the stars were soon in action and what action, they are superb, it was breath taking to be honest the highlight being a moment when Flavia launched backwards off quite a high step ladder into the arms of waiting male dancers. That had the audience gasping but not so much as the finale, an Argentine Tango so fast and so technically accomplished it was no wonder most of the audience were on their feet.

The singing was good, the girls were gorgeous, the fellas were handsome, the story was believable so a good night by any reckoning.
The Imps as we all know lost their unbeaten home record so all in all, right place right time as they say.

The show moves on and if I’ve whetted any appetites Leeds and Hull are coming up. Keep Dancing!

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