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Friday, 21 August 2015

Bob’s ready to put his money where his mouth is.

Amongst his many talents Bob Dorrian cannot put forward public relations as one of his greatest. I suppose if the Echo want an interview the chairman of a football club has to oblige but it always seems to go a bit pear shaped in my view.

Take todays Echo webpage headline “Lincoln City chairman backs best squad since relegation to challenge for playoffs.” Well we all know what he means and we share his enthusiasm and hope but for me I felt a little bit deflated by the reference to relegation. I’d been trying to put that at the back of my mind. Still, the chairman’s job is to deal with the unpleasant truth of running a football club and I would imagine that is a world away from the rare ecstasy of a successful season.

Still, there is good news in the form of this quote:-
"We have got together a good squad of players, a squad I believe can get us into the play-offs,"
"If we do get up into the promotion places, then we need to seize the opportunity by supporting the manager financially.
"We're always looking for every opportunity to improve the playing squad and if Chris Moyses can come to us with a good case for a player , then we will do all we can to make it happen.
"Chris has worked hard on his recruitment already and it has shown in the quality of players he has managed to bring to the club.
"With every signing he has looked at their background and done his research on them and it has made a big difference."

It would take a very churlish fan indeed to deny that it has been a decent start to the season and for that matter to deny the chairman some respite from the seemingly endless run of bad fortune we’ve all been enduring and this weekend presents an opportunity to show this is not a flash in the pan with the visit to Forest Green Rovers.
Leaving aside the, to me, still unaccustomed thought that FGR are some sort giant we will do well to not try to upset too much in his lair, Saturday is a chance to really nail our colours to the mast and come away from Gloucestershire with something even if it is only a point ahead of the big one the following week.

Talking of Mariners, which we weren’t particularly, the really good news is that Liam Hearn is fit and scoring and he’s a happy bunny:-
"This hat-trick is up there. With the time I have spent out with my injuries, this one means a lot to me," said Hearn, whose start against Braintree Town last week was his first in a competitive game since August 2014.(Lincolnshire Echo)
"I have always scored goals. I don't want to sound arrogant, but when the third one went in I wasn't that surprised.
"I know what I am capable of and what I have got in my locker.
"The work I put I on the training ground and the work I have done in pre-season is helping me and long may it continue."

Yes indeed, we’ll all drink to that.

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