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Monday, 19 October 2015

Andy Parsons Live and Unleashed but Naturally Cautious.

You tend to get a lot of try out sessions from comedians at the LPAC but this appearance from Andy Parsons was from the tour, named above.

This is the third time we’ve seen Parsons and he was in very good form last Friday, in fact it was probably the best performance we’ve seen from him. The first time was at the Drill Hall and was a very sparky gig, the second time, also at the Drill Hall he seemed to have lost or shed some of his urgency and this time he gave a very assured dissertation on life in this country, more political than I remember his and very topical. Politics is of course dangerous territory for a nationwide tour but Labour, Conservatives, not sure about Lib Dems but certainly the SNP all came in for a Parsons battering.

Most of the comedians I’ve seen at the LPAC make reference to the venue in order to give us a laugh at their expense, it is quite a small auditorium and the tenor is, look, this is what I’m reduced to. I remember Jack Dee doing the same but actually it’s the perfect size for stand up as a good comedian can really connect with the audience and make the performance almost conspiratorial. It’s about the same size as the Comedy Store so by no means unusual in that respect.

So it was a more relaxed Parsons, very much at home on the stage, like having a mate expound in the pub on the inadequacies of life and it’s many quirks so in that respect it was very clever comedy indeed.

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