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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

City draw a blank-and so do I.

Back on the radio again last night. Rob Makepeace had asked me on a couple of times, the first when I was in Spain and again when I was just back. The problem was I had only attended one match and didn’t feel able to comment on City at that time.

I go on the radio to try to publicise the blog but never seem to get a mention of it these days. If I thought there was going to be reference to the blog I could have gone on earlier and Rob could have asked about some content but he hasn’t done lately and it was the same last night.

I try to prepare for the call, I go up to my study with the phone, I write down Rob Makepeace’s name and the name of the studio guest and I get the blog up on my laptop screen. I put on the team page in case I need to refer to a player. I’m not brilliant at recalling names and in any case it is still quite early in the season and I’m not always au fait with the players. Finally I put BBC Radio Lincolnshire up on the screen so I can listen to the show.

When the BBC call me I delete the radio from the laptop as it would cause interference. You can hear the programme on the phone as we’re live to the studio. I then wait my turn. It would be marvellous to be introduced as blogger Andrew Abbott or some reference to give me a little publicity but, once again it was, we’ve got Andrew on the line, he’s a Lincoln City fan, Andrew, what’s your take on the season so far?
That’s a bit of a tall order given that I’m usually about eighth on as I don’t get home till after six but I did the best I could and my wife said I did well and am getting better. If I was useless she would let me know. My son said I seemed to disagree with most of what was said but I wasn’t aware of that and the studio guest was Rob Bradley who is a bit of a hero of mine and, I think, more or less on the same wavelength so I doubt that I would disagree with him.

As for the match, listening on the radio City seemed to be dominant but Welling scored completely against the run of play. I had singled out Bradley Wood for particular praise on the radio and he got sent off for a second bookable offence. Shortly thereafter City, having got themselves level, relinquished their hold on the point they held and slipped to their first defeat in quite some time.

Not my night really.

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