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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

City going for the hat trick-but is disappointment Welling.

Imps travel to Welling tonight hoping to extend their wins on the road to three but it will be far from easy.

Apart from the tricky looking journey, do the league realise that teams not to mention fans have got to get to these midweek games? It’s bad enough for a full time outfit like City but what about the part timers? Talking of part timers there will be many a boss in the Lincoln area thinking that’s what their employees have become as they shoot off to catch the game, there’ll be some tired heads come the morning too.

In addition to the two games won on the road, City are on a five match unbeaten run generally, that run has to come to an end sometime. A draw would be far from a disaster and Welling have lost their last two so they won’t want to add to that.

Craig Stanley misses his first match of the season so there’ll be a bit of a change either way but as we’ve seen Chris Moyses isn’t afraid of that.

It’s going to be tough but you know what they they say about that and City have shown themselves this season to be anything but a pushover.

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