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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Imps go through as lady luck makes a rare appearance.

Maybe our little imp is in a good mood now that Halloween is almost upon us but the Gods certainly looked kindly on those of us of a red and white striped disposition scooting us past Tranmere Rovers and into the first round of the FA Cup where we will face Whitehawk.

Whitehawk? I hear you say, well, maybe it’s because they’re a southern club and not particularly on our radar but they are just one division below us so it will be no pushover. Having said that I think there will be plenty of Imps make the trip to Brighton to see the match. In fact I would have quite fancied a romantic liaison with Mrs A myself, making a weekend of it were it not for the fact we are elsewhere.

As to the tie, well, just like Saturday the Imps enjoyed a fair slice of luck, having survived a penalty scare in the first encounter, City, having been pretty much under the cosh, to my eyes, in the initial stages of the replay, Tranmere’s keeper was then sent off for supposedly handling the ball outside the box. I say supposedly because it was by no means apparent from where I sat whether he did or he didn’t but nevertheless, off he went.

City’s fortunes continued to prosper shortly thereafter when a penalty was awarded but, this being the cup, Matt Rhead’s tame effort was pushed on to the post by Tranmere’s substitute keeper and the chance to take the lead was lost.

Maybe the sending off did rather change the nature of the game, certainly from Rovers point of view. In my opinion, untutored as it is, they looked well in the game, others will disagree I’m sure but as a contest things changed dramatically. Tranmere ceased to operate as an attacking force and seemed to be content to defend themselves through the remainder of the ninety minutes and extra time and take their chances on penalties. Maybe Rhead’s effort had given them confidence. City resorted to hoofball launching the ball time after time to Rhead who was being well controlled by the Tranmere defence. It looked for all the world like the away team would get their wish when, for the umpteenth time the ball was hit in Rhead’s direction, just for once he managed to feed Hearn and we all know what usually happens when that comes off. Robinson put the tie beyond the opponents and through we went.

Lucky Lincoln? Yes. Good isn’t it?

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