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Friday, 16 October 2015

Let’s show Moyses a bit of affection. He deserves it.

I can’t think City will be anything other than still brimming with confidence even after the midweek reverse at Welling. A defeat was bound to come sooner or later and as I’ve said more than a few times, it’s not the defeat it’s how you react to it. If I know our players, and we’re all starting to get well acquainted now, they’ll still have their foot on the pedal.

I mentioned suspensions and injuries a couple of weeks ago and we’re starting to see the effects now, probably a bit earlier than I expected. For the moment however these setbacks merely give the others a chance which is important of course as we don’t want players who never see the light of day or get their careers started.

As ever, it won’t be easy, Braintree will be as keen to break in to the playoff spots as we are but Chris Moyses has his usual pragmatic approach to the difficulties as told to the Lincolnshire Echo:-

“We got through things quite well up to now. Bradley Wood is only suspended for one game, as it is two yellow cards. It will affect us, but fortunately not for long. It is not like an injury, like Craig Stanley or Matt Sparrow has. We can recover from that.
"These are the big challenges. We have not got a big squad and we have jiggled it around to get where we are. We jiggled it for Welling and we'll have to jiggle it again on Saturday. I am not complaining.
"You need the flexibility in the players as you will have to adapt to the scenarios that come your way. We may even have to think about a change of shape on Saturday.
"This is not something that has caught us out, we were aware there would be situations like this and that's why we have been considered in our recruitment.
"We've got players who can play other roles and they go into them with the right attitude. The focus is on the team and doing a job for it, not about preferred positions."

I do hope people will not be put off by the midweek loss as I think it’s about time we fans showed a little love to the manager who has had a tough baptism in my view suffering a fair bit of negativity at the start of his reign. The players too need our encouragement and they are showing sufficient form and giving us plenty to get enthused about. A couple of hundred on the gate would show that the city and area are onside too.

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