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Monday, 16 May 2016

Lincoln City new boys will not be prepared to wait for better times.

That’s not to say that has been the position till now but we’re what, five years a non league club? That, I think is long enough without any real sign of salvation.

I’m going to say something that may upset you. I’m glad Grimsby Town got promoted. Why? Because that’s one less club for us to worry about, also they got relegated the year before us so it’s our turn which really is clutching at straws.

Just before you hit the delete button there are very real grounds for optimism in my view. The first is Clive Nates who I’ve mentioned rather a lot in this blog. I was looking at twitter on Saturday I think it was and I noticed Clive was on it so I followed him. I don’t know about you but I’ll follow anyone who mentions Lincoln, Lincolnshire and definitely Lincoln City. A funny thing happened, he followed me back. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say, well I beg to differ. I follow the Lincoln City hierarchy when I discover them but none of them follow me back although the club do funnily enough. So here’s a man who wants to know what makes the fans tick. It hints at a meticulous mind.

We heard that too in the publicity surrounding the managerial appointment, they were amazed at how much Clive Nates had found out about them.
Then there’s the appointment itself. When was the last time City approached a currently employed manager and persuaded him to jump ship and join us? I’ve been a supporter since the late 50’s and I can’t remember that happening.

When was the last time City appointed a manager who came complete with an assistant? I don’t remember that either, not right from the start. The management team are meticulous themselves. Despite the disappointment of losing in the playoffs, we know all about that don’t we? The manager and his brother wasted no time in finding out as much as they could about us. They still wanted to come. Praise the Lord!

Furthermore I think I caught Danny Cowley referring to seeing if their method could be successful at a full time club. Their method. When did you last hear an expression like that? John Beck. What happened to his team? They got promoted. Just saying!

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