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Friday, 5 August 2016

And they’re off!

It’s always difficult to find the right headline for the first thoughts of the season but there’s no shortage of enthusiasm amongst those of us of a red and white hue.

I should perhaps have put a few more thoughts down over the summer, so much has been going on at Sincil Bank starting of course with the resignation of Chris Moyses and the appointment of the Cowley brothers. This was followed by as comprehensive a rebuilding as I can remember and we already started with a half way decent squad.

I’m not going to give a rundown of the new players or indeed comment on the old ones as I haven’t yet been to the Bank but I’ll be putting that right on Tuesday by which time we will know if the Imps are tearing out of the blocks or taking time to gel.

Certainly the signings have got the faithful excited and the latest capture, of Sean Raggett has been taken by the fans as a real statement of intent. Hopefully a good deal less comedy defending this winter. The other “signing” was Matt Rhead and this, again has been judged very good news by the supporters.

Rheads new contract also gave an opportunity to set the record straight about the player. We all noticed that Rheads form dropped off considerably after Christmas and we now know this was not machinations behind the scenes unsettling the striker but injury made worse by the distance the player was travelling. That situation has been improved as far as possible and we’re all hoping we see the old Matt Rhead making mincemeat of opposition defences once again.

If City’s defence can be made as rock solid as possible that in itself would put the Imps in a good position to trouble the play off places. Such is the impression the Cowley brothers have made and the general air of good solid football business being done and the quality of the signings, fans are starting to allow themselves the thought that City might even be able to aim higher. After all a season depends on the ability to react positively to the inevitable setbacks and the management team have been making all the right noises and, for the moment, seem to have plenty of answers.

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