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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Miles injury is a reminder it’s not all going to be plain sailing.

I suppose it’s never too early for a reality check. It wasn’t on the club website but the drive home last night brought the news, courtesy of BBC Radio Lincolnshire that Taylor Miles has a broken ankle. As you might expect, the manager has someone being watched. I think we can expect the club to now be much more proactive.

That doesn’t exactly help City’s quest to get the home season off to a winning start against neighbours, I hesitate to say near neighbours but it’s all we’ve got, this being Lincolnshire, North Ferriby United. I expect the visitors to “park the bus” as I believe those who know a lot more about football than I do would say.

North Ferriby seem to be positioning themselves as the wide eyed newcomers to the league but they were cocky enough a while back when the likes of Gainsborough Trinity’s manager was bemoaning the fact that they were poaching all the best players. That was a bit rich as it was the Blues doing just that previously. Who is the current Ferriby manager? That’s right, the former Gainsborough boss. What a small world football can be.

Wide eyed they may be but I expect North Ferriby to put up a spirited show against the Imps however I can’t imagine Danny Cowley allowing any more turn up and get the points attitudes that have dogged the team performances in the past though.

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