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Monday, 15 August 2016

Unbeaten record turns out to be very short lived.

I certainly picked the best game to see and the one to miss, being away for the weekend. I hinted after the North Ferriby game that there’s always the chance that the next performance might be considerably removed from the first. How right I was. Talk about a bad day at the office, Rhead goes off injured, an own goal from Waterfall and, worst of all Wood gets red carded.

I didn’t vote for Bradley Wood in the player of the season although I thought he was our best player. His disciplinary record isn’t brilliant and that was the reason and here we are not three weeks into the season and he’s suspended already. I trust the manager will be having a word as a club like ours cannot afford to have key players like Wood out.

The gate was not an improvement on midweek, I did wonder about that too. All this just goes to underline what the manager has been saying, despite our initial enthusiasm. City are still not the finished article, not by a long chalk. I had hoped, having seen the Ferriby game that it would be some time before City tasted, or we home fans had to witness defeat. As it happens it’s not taken long at all.

Oh well, we’ve had long enough to get used to disappointment. Onwards and upwards.

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