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Friday, 9 September 2016

No more mid table mediocrity as the Cowley effect grips supporters.

Some considerable time ago, in the play-off years actually I remarked to a friend at work, a Boston United fan, that we City fans never had the experience of a meaningless match. Even at the beginning of the season every result mattered if only because the club, all of us, wanted to build on the previous season’s heartache and actually gain promotion.

As we all know that promotion never came and City not only failed to maintain the play off push but gradually sank further and soon enough were relegated. It wasn’t all that gradual come to think of it. Post Keith it was a tale of decline and to be honest interest started to wane. It’s not all that entertaining watching a bunch of players who are either inept, badly managed or who couldn’t care less. Start your own list to occupy yourselves now the evenings are getting longer.

Finally, without wanting to tempt providence City appear to have struck gold in their quest to find the man, or management team more correctly, who will arrest the spiral of decline and I can’t think there will be a single Imp who has not been galvanised by the Cowley brothers efforts so far. With the latest home gate at a little under the 4000 mark there is still a way to until City are playing in front of the biggest crowds in the league, certainly Tranmere and Wrexham are enjoying very impressive support and it does go a long way financially as well as giving the players a lift as they sense the big match atmosphere. Some will find it daunting, most became professional footballers to put themselves to the test in a vibrant arena. Some will go on to play in front of crowds much greater than the city can provide.

So here we are in quite a short period of time since the Cowleys took over and, once again every game is an important one and none more so than the forthcoming away trip to Tranmere. If this match doesn’t produce the top gate in the league and indeed better than many in the Football League I’d be surprised.

Will City prevail I hear you ask? The Imps are the form side and, as we saw on TV, City have picked up an enviable state of mind, having played ok but not necessarily been the better side, have nevertheless gone on to claim the points with virtually the last kick of the match. We’ve all watched others do it to us. Now were doing it to them. Happy Days.

Ps. Yes it was a header. Last kick of the match sounded more dramatic.

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