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Monday, 17 October 2016

A Curates Egg: Discuss.

You know the saying, like a curates egg, good in parts. You could describe City’s performance in the FA Cup at the weekend thus.

My Brother in Law was a Curate in his early days in the church and as far as I’m aware his eggs were no different to yours and mine. When I put my thoughts in the blog on Friday I think some people thought I was perhaps unduly pessimistic. I’m actually still quite optimistic the Imps will progress to the first round proper but years, countless years, of FA Cup experience with the Imps brought me to the conclusion that even given the gulf in league positions between City and Guiseley the outcome was by no means certain. So it proved.

Can City prevail? Well I believe they are capable of mounting a similar performance away tomorrow and I’d be surprised if they could enjoy such superiority and not score. On the other hand Guiseley are going to have to take the game to City far more than they did on Saturday, their fans will demand it, and that may provide a way in for our heroes so maybe a totally different match will ensue.

Either way we await our fate tomorrow. There’s not much glory in making it to the first round proper and if we don’t, proof that the Sincil Bank hoodoo is so entrenched that even Danny Cowley can’t overcome it.

It’s such fun being an Imp.

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