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Friday, 14 October 2016

A rare event for City.

It’s the FA Cup this weekend and for City a battle to get to the first round proper. It honestly should be a walk in the park for the Imps even given Guiseley’s recent upturn. Are you fully confident though? Me neither.

Underperformance is not the word to describe City in the cup. If they had a 1000% better record they still wouldn’t be very good. No matter. Tomorrow represents as good a chance to progress as any but the trick would be to proceed further and get a big team later in the competition. We’re not going to win the cup, we could win some money. That’s the be all and end all as far as I’m concerned.

Yet it’s not all about money, that would be the means by which we cement our promotion bid but for fans like us, in contrast to fans of teams that do well it really is something to look forward to. According to the Echo the manager shares our enthusiasm:-

"They've turned a corner," said the Imps boss of Guiseley. "They were in a false position because they've got some good players. There's no way they should be where they are in the league, so it will be a tough game.

"We're pleased it's at home and it's a game we're really looking forward to because we'd like to do well in the FA Cup. Lincoln don't have a great record in the cup, so I'm told, but we've always enjoyed the competition.

"It's the greatest cup competition in the world and it's one that can change people's lives. We can't wait."

Yes, I think that’s how we all feel both in terms of not underestimating the opposition and the game itself.

Bring it on and at a tenner a time you’d be mad not to be at Sincil Bank tomorrow.

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