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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Story Unfolds.

We were saying at the match on Saturday that fourth or fifth in the table isn’t a bad place to be in the pre-Christmas period, watching the dog fights taking place overhead, sailing serenely under the radar unnoticed.

After last night’s win at Wrexham all of a sudden City are well and truly attracting the attention of the searchlights if I could just continue the Dambusters theme for a little longer as the Imps now sit in second place but, as those of us with very long memories know, you have to get used to dealing with the pot shots if you’re going to escape to higher things.

Former blogger Kate, producer of the excellent Imps ka, a website I very much enjoyed in its day pointed out on twitter yesterday that there seems to be a misconception that Wrexham are a giant of the league and almost unbeatable. I think this is true, whether it’s the Racecourse Ground, former home of international matches or the tremendous support they get I don’t know but that view now seems as dated as notions of the Wales National team playing at such a relatively modest stadium and being an also ran internationally. That’s in the past and, once more, City have emerged from their trip over the border with all three points.

I think also ex Imps Sean Newton and Hamza Bencherif give the impression that they see themselves (or saw themselves) as rather too good for the Imps, the nature of their departures from Sincil Bank apart, Ben Tomlinson is another, but I don’t think they would stand much of a chance getting a start for City now.

I’m going to qualify that last statement by saying that all of those ex Imps were great favourites of mine and I very much enjoyed their performances but it’s a measure of the progress City have made that prompts those sentiments, I’ve certainly no axe to grind with any of them.

That seems to give a slightly negative response to another excellent away performance, I didn’t start out to give that impression, I’m actually a really happy Imp.

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