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Monday, 10 October 2016

Win at home-draw away.

That’s the recipe for success apparently but people seem to have been getting a bit worked up about City losing their lead at Bromley on Saturday. Poor old Tom Champion seems to be getting the blame for that with even the official website “crediting” his losing the ball leading to the subsequent equaliser.

Champion, must be ruing the day he came to Lincoln and, if it’s within the clubs power to send him back to Barnet early maybe that would be the best thing in the long run as everything he touches seems to turn to dust.

What that would do to Champions confidence goodness only knows although it’s not the Imps job to nurture other clubs’ players, he is here to do a job of work and get fit into the bargain. It’s been so far so bad for the unfortunate player.

Anyway back to my original point and, disappointing though it was to be pegged back, it’s hardly a disaster, City’s home form is reasonable and these things are going to happen and we certainly shouldn’t be getting overly despondent about a point away particularly as the reports I’ve read seem to indicate it was a fair result.

On to the cup then and City are in the unaccustomed position of being the favourites, or at least I assume they are I haven’t done any checking. Needless to say Guiseley have gone from whipping boys to fashioning something of a run lately but nevertheless City should have far too much firepower to come unstuck. There I’ve said it.

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