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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

No let up for the Imps-or their opponents.

The games are coming thick and fast for Lincoln City which, I presume is how the players, not to mention us fans, want it. Certainly after Saturday’s extravaganza in the fog I can’t wait for kick off. I dare say for the players too they just want to play again as soon as they’d got their breath back. It must be wonderful to play in this glittering team.

When you’re doing as well as City are the pressure is always there but I’m sure we’re all thriving on it. As always, the game tonight is expected to be anything but easy. Away teams seem to be raising their game, whether because of City’s league position, the stadium possibly or the size of the crowd and the atmosphere. That won’t be a novelty to Wrexham who are one of the best supported teams in the league.

The Imps won the corresponding away fixture prompting the departure of their manager Gary Mills who subsequently decamped to York. He’ll be glad he won’t be facing the Imps again any time soon. They are now managed by our old friend Dean Keates who I remember as a very tidy player indeed when he wore the red and white stripes. A very popular player and I’m sure he’ll get a good reception.

Another big gate seems to be assured, despite the temperature. Will the gate top the 4000 mark? I’d like to think so.

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