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Friday, 23 December 2016

Wide blue yonder.

What’s this on the table on my train journey home last night? Why, it’s a copy of the East Anglia Daily Times.

Let’s have a look at the sports pages, Ipswich Town, yes. Oh dear. Mick McCarthy is not very popular is he? Fending off the critics at the AGM. Never mind, a nice easy FA Cup game against a non league team to come in January.

We turn to the letters pages, oh yes, here’s one. The manager had better not have any thoughts of fielding a weakened side, we want a 4.1 win against these upstarts. Furthermore I've heard this side are pretty handy. No slip ups! So they think we’ll score, good start.

I think it fair to say from what I read they’re not happy bunnies down in leafy Suffolk and I can’t help feeling there are some parallels with the previous game, against Oldham, unpopular manager, poor start to the season, unhappy locals.

With probably 4000 if not more Imps due to make the trip we’re possibly not yet done in this competition.

I was greatly looking forward to this game. Even more so now.

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