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Monday, 23 January 2017

City are going to have to wise up but it’s a very welcome problem.

It’s a thoughtful wife who records the match you’re at in case you want to watch it again at home. This is usually worthwhile with City at the moment and so we settled down on Saturday afternoon, having sampled the action first hand to study the Imps Friday night performance in more relaxed circumstances.

If you want a happy life, marry a girl who likes football. Where else would you get marriage guidance and football comment all in the same blog?

Watching the televised game also gave me the opportunity to listen to what Dover’s manager had to say about Lincoln City and Danny Cowley. He had been ruffling Imps feathers with his, I thought, mealy mouthed comments. He said basically City were one of a group of either former league clubs or bankrolled sides who were able to buy their way out of the National League. He inferred City had spirited away Sean Raggett from him for £50000 and it was really no wonder they were top of the league. Talk about being wide of the mark. Really, Chris Kinnear deserves the highest praise for guiding Dover to the playoff places on gates averaging 1272 but it’s hard to give that credit when you hear him undermine another managers achievement like that. He should instead consider Danny Cowleys efforts last year when he actually made the playoffs on far less than he has.

Talking of gates I found the circumstances leading up to the game puzzling. City announced mid Friday afternoon that ticket sales for Bobs bakers dozen and six-packs would be suspended at five and furthermore no cash would be taken for admittance to either of the stands down the sides. Only the newly reopened (to home fans) Stacey West stand would take cash. It was then said on the TV that City were disappointed with the 6500 who turned up. I think with a bit of forward planning City might have handled it differently and said to holders of six-pack and bakers dozen tickets call in to the office or phone to book an actual match ticket in exchange for the ticket you have and then everyone knows where they are. Yes it’s a bit convoluted but there again no one expected the sort of interest City are generating. With big attendances you have to go carefully. It’s a nice problem to have though.

As to the game we felt Dover put up a strong performance but that wasn’t the way the TV pundits saw it and seemed to be saying Dover got their tactics wrong and the team didn’t perform well. Certainly they were well shackled by City who knew they would be running on empty at the end of the game. They kept going though and when that second goal went in there was only going to be one result.

It’s nice to get some recognition though and Danny Cowley can do no wrong in the eyes of the TV and of course us the fans.

Just Mr Kinnear to convince then.

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