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Friday, 20 January 2017

Loving life in Lincoln.

Nicky Cowley put out a thank you tweet to fans after Tuesdays marvellous victory over Ipswich Town. I playfully pointed out that we are the city that granted an open top bus parade to a team that were beaten in a final, as we did. I pointed out though that team fully deserved that accolade but I wanted to underline how desperate we fans are for some success.

To be honest some success would have included a tilt at the playoffs and a few more home wins, that would have satisfied most of us. Just to know that we are heading in the right direction would have been enough for now but of course it’s looking like so much more awaits us. The board of directors have expressed their delight and I bet Bob Dorrian can’t wait to get on the radio these days. His previous pronouncements used to fill me with dread.

I think now things seem to be turning in the right direction Bob feels able to reveal a bit more of what has been going on behind the scenes and it doesn’t make happy reading. We’ll never know how close the club came to folding. The board, we know, have been busting a gut to turn the finances round. The revival started, for me, when Chris Moyses worked for free and got the team in some kind of order and steadied the ship. The directors managed to get finances on an even keel sufficiently to attract Clive Nates on the board. The rest as they say is history. At least if our league place is regained that will go down in history. I don’t think the manager will want to rest there though.

This is where we the fans come in. I’ve said this before but a 9000 gate once in a blue moon is neither use nor ornament to the club. If we’re going to do any good the average gate has got to start to move up towards that kind of level then the club could really start to go places. We always say at work that the best form of advertising is word of mouth so if your neighbour shows some sign of interest in the Imps take them along to a game. The way things are at the moment the team will do the rest.

All of this doesn’t make life any more comfortable for the fans. No more swanning up to the turnstiles at five to three. If I were you I’d start saving up for a season ticket right now. Great though isn’t it?

A word finally about the other people who are loving life in Lincoln, we hope. The managers and players. As this is starting to get a bit lengthy I’ll just quote a bit from the article in the Echo that I think sums it up. Danny Cowley was explaining that contract extension talks have been put on hold due to the busy programme (I had been wondering about that) :-

When asked if he was confident his players who are out of contract in the summer - which includes Woodyard, goalkeeper Paul Farman, defenders Luke Waterfall, Bradley Wood and Lee Beevers and midfielders Alan Power and Terry Hawkridge – Cowley said: "You'd be crazy to want to leave this football club."

See you tonight.

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