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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

History repeating itself.

Forty one years ago I was at West Bromwich Albion in the fourth round of the FA Cup to see City exit the competition. That was a sideshow as of course the object of the exercise then as now was to gain promotion. Some things never change.

City were managed by a young Graham Taylor, bristling with innovative ideas not only for winning games of football but establishing the club as a part of the community.

Now, as we know City are riding high in the league. I wanted to use that expression but the reality is we can’t get any higher than top. Everyone I’ve spoken to, friend or foe, believes City will continue their march to the Promised Land. I do hope and believe so. City are managed by not one but two managers bristling with innovative ideas and re-establishing the club in the community.

As regular readers will know I had to content myself with the TV last night. I know many of you also did. It was interesting to see how much the pundits have come to our side. When we played Forest Green on TV it was Forest Green this and Forest Green that. Not anymore. The much maligned Chris Sutton was ecstatic when City scored and full of praise for the Imps and their management team. For me, time to draw a line under any animosity there. He wasn’t the worst manager we’ve had, not by any means.

On we go, it’s tempting to use the analogy of a roller coaster ride. That’s as may be but there are certainly more ups than downs at the moment or maybe it’s the case that City have been towed to the top and can possibly now look forward to one long coast to the end. A look at the fixture list will confirm however that the job is by no means done. Just to underline that point the Imps must face Dover on Friday night, one tough fixture and on the TV once again. Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Before you ask, yes I do have a ticket for that game. In the directors box thank you for asking. That’s from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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