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Monday, 13 February 2017

City keep going, which is exactly what the fans need to do.

If anything I was a bit disappointed with the attendance on Saturday for the visit of Woking. I can’t really understand why people would queue through the night to see games which in the general scheme of things will be meaningless, by that I mean the FA Cup games against Ipswich and Brighton, then not turn up in such numbers to see a vital league game that was every bit as entertaining as the cup.

Woking, for whom I thought our old friend Jake Caprice was excellent, came and gave it a right old go although not for the whole game. Ironically the Woking manager was incensed by what he deemed City’s time wasting tactics at the end of the game when they were certainly hanging on and in particular when Danny Cowley allowed a ball which was heading straight for him, to glance off his head and into the crowd for a few more seconds. What would he have done, caught it and thrown it back for the opposition to score? Dream on. In any event, they spent much of the game trying to negate Citys high tempo tactic so six of one and half a dozen as far as I’m concerned.

Just back to the gate for a moment and then I’ll shut up but, again, an announcement was made that entry to the upper tier of the Coop stand was ticket only leading me to believe it was full, yet there was plenty of space in the end. It was the best gate in the league though, beating even Tranmere and if you have a better gate than them, it’s a good gate. We were saying, on a day like Saturday, a couple of years ago it would have been 1900. I just thought the players deserved 6000.

The new players were, I thought, highly impressive and it was another hugely entertaining performance. The tension is going to be there all the time of course and I’m not expecting any team to just come and lie down, we wouldn’t want that anyway.

City really do have all the tools in their box to complete the job they’ve started so well. Danny Cowleys prediction that the Imps will be stronger the game goes on and better in the second half of the season than the first seems to be the case. The squad is big and talented all through so hopefully injuries and suspensions can be accommodated.

With the shareholders meeting next week promising the best financial health report in generations and, we’re told a possible surprise announcement at the fans forum there’s never been a better time to be an Imp.

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